Clicks Per 10 Seconds

With the 10- second click test tool, users may magnify their clicking skills and hit more and more mouse clicks in a specified period.

Clicks in 10 Seconds

It is vital to have efficient clicking skills in this tech generation. The 10 second click speed test mode is a constructive aid that lets the users strengthen their clicking speed to discharge their work tasks conveniently. It also enables users to aim better in gaming.

So, take up the 10 second cps test challenge today and make the highest score possible.


Tips and Tricks to Get A High Score

Ben Huges is the world record holder of the 10-second click test with a score of 121 clicks in 10 seconds which is nothing but 12.1 cps.

Wish to beat his record? Making a higher score isn't a difficult task unless you are consistent and determined towards clicking.

Regularly practicing various clicking methodologies like the butterfly clicking is what matters to achieve a higher cps score. So, begin practicing consistently and make new records.


Advantages of Taking CPS Test with Click Per 10 Seconds

One might wonder about the benefits of taking the cps test with a click per 10 seconds. Here are listed the perks of using our 10-second click test mode, which makes it superior to other cps tests.

  • There is no lagging issue. It generates instant and accurate results based on the user's clicking ability.
  • The 10-second click test tool has a secure user interface free from the risk of malware and virus.
  • Our tool has a retake option availability letting the users boost their clicking skills unless they master it completely.
  • Accessible to the users 24/7.
  • It has a user-friendly interface for the ease of users and produces shareable outputs.

How Does Clickspeedtest.Net Check CPS?

Taking the cps test on our tool is way convenient. Follow the below steps to check your cps score.

  • Launch our website on your device and make sure to have proper internet connectivity.
  • Hit the 'click here to start' option to begin your test.
  • Once your test begins, start bursting as many clicks as you can. Keep an eye on the timer running in the background.
  • When the 10-second click test ends, your cps score is calculated corresponding to your clicking performance. The backend program in the background gets activated, measuring your cps score and producing instant and precise results.

Ways to Improving Your Click Speed In 10 Seconds

In the digital era, everyone wishes to escalate their clicking skills. If you want to enhance your cps score, follow the below tips.

  • First, relax your muscles and position your hands appropriately to register maximum mouse clicks.
  • Learn various clicking methodologies like kohi clicking and jitter clicking, which would aid you in doubling your click speed.
  • Use a gaming mouse having efficient features, plus have a good grip over the mouse.
  • Play FPS games that aim at boosting your clicking speed.