Badlion Click Test

What Is The Badlion Click Test?

If you’re looking to increase your gaming performance by being able to make higher number of clicks in a given time, then this badlion click test certainly fits the bill for you.

This test helps you develop better reflexes by being able to assess your clicking performance and provide insights in form of CPS score.

This is, in particular, essential for survival games like Minecraft that involve clicks for certain major tasks like slaying the mobs, gathering resources, and crafting.


How to Play the Badlion Click Game?

We know you want to find out how fast you can click, and we're happy to help you. Just follow these steps, and you'll be on your way!

  • Visit CPS Test from your browser and navigate to the “Badlion click test” page
  • To begin the test, click on the “Click Here To Start” button
  • When the test finishes, you’ll be able to see your CPS score and the respective rank

If you want to perform better in the test, you can Restart game for another chance to score high. Users can take a test as much as they want to practice again to get the best result.



Badlion CPS test is like the Minecraft game, but with a twist. Unlike regular Minecraft launchers, this launcher has anti-cheat built in.

It's also very sensitive towards cheating methods like X-Ray, double click, and fire buttons so it's extremely hard to cheat.

This launcher is also a great test for Minecraft players because it allows you to earn ranks based on how fast you can click/tap!

Better yet, if you decide to play this game with friends you can share your achieved score with them through your social media account and challenge them for a click test.


Badlion Click Test Importance in Minecraft

Video gaming is a highly competitive industry, and it is no wonder that gamers are always on the lookout for any edge they can get from their competitors. One thing that you can do to improve your gaming skills is to improve your mouse click speed. This can be done by playing this game.

There are many different ways in which you can improve your mouse click speed. A Badlion test will allow you to measure the speed at which you click your mouse while playing games.

This will give you an idea of what kind of movement you need to concentrate on when playing games. If you are too slow with your movement then this can affect your overall game play as well as how fast you can kill enemies or collect items.

It is important that you are able to keep up with the pace of the game so that you can have a better chance of winning it.


Why Take The Badlion Click Test?

If you're a gamer, you know how important it is to have a high clicking speed in many games. If you've ever felt like your clicking speed was holding you back from being the best at your game, this test is for you.

All you need to do is click a button for 10 seconds and we'll show you how many times you clicked that button, as well as your clicks per second (CPS) rate.


What Is the Regular Clicking Rate In The Badlion Clicking Test?

The regular clicking rate in this game is 7 clicks per second.

How To Increase CPS In the Badlion Minecraft Client?

There are several ways to increase your CPS in Badlion. First, just practice! It might seem obvious, but the more you click, the better you'll get. Try setting aside an hour every day and just clicking away.

Second, make sure your hardware is up to snuff. If you have a slow internet connection or an old computer, that's going to hurt your overall performance. You can also use certain clicking techniques to get higher number of clicks per second.

Does Hypixel Allow Badlion Click Test?

Yes, Badlion is allowed on Hypixel.

Hypixel has a list of the mods that are and are not allowed on their server. You can find the list here: Badlion is not on the list of disallowed mods, and so it is allowed.