Clicks per 2 Second

Challenge your limits and Take 2 second click test to see how fast you can click.

Clicks in 2 Seconds

The 2 second click test is a constructive tool to test the accuracy of your mouse. It calculates the number of mouse clicks registered in 2 seconds and determines the accuracy of the mouse based on these clicks. The click tool also aims at strengthening the clicking ability of its users.

So Burst the maximum clicks within 2 seconds to make the highest score.


How to Measure the Speed of Your Mouse Clicking?

Measuring your click speed is not any complex task to discharge. One can effortlessly calculate their mouse-clicking speed by following these easy-to-do steps.

  • Begin by launching our CPS Test website on your system.
  • Ensure that you have a proper internet connection before proceeding with the test.
  • When the webpage pops on your screen, take a briefing about the clicking challenge.
  • Now hit the 'click here to start' section to begin the 2 second cps test.
  • Keep bursting as many clicks as possible in the allotted time frame.
  • As the clicks speed test game ends, the corresponding score display on the screen.
  • Share these shareable results with your close ones and enjoy taking our click test.

Why People or Gamers Practice This Test?

The clicks per two seconds test lets the users or gamers broaden their limits and enhance their clicking speed. Its effective features calculate the number of clicks a user makes in two seconds and enable them to retake the test to master clicking speedily.

Click speed is a crucial aspect when it comes to the gaming sector. It is essential to have faster finger moments while gaming to counter the opponents and win the battle. Hence gamers practice the test with the prime motive to win the gaming battle.


Choosing the Best Mouse to Make Maximum CPS Score

The mouse is a major factor that influences the clicking speed of users. Picking an apt gaming mouse that provides a pleasant clicking experience and has a good dpi level enables the users to click accurately and hit maximum mouse clicks.


What Is the High CPS Value for The Gaming Experience?

According to our studies, to click effectively while gaming, on average, the users must have a cps score in between 6-8 clicks per second, while some professional gamers also register 10-12 clicks per second.


Role of Click Speed in Minecraft

Players Clicking speed matters when it comes to Minecraft gaming to hit the maximum aims. The higher is your clicking speed, the more aims players can hit and win the battle.