Clicks Per Second

Level up your clicking speed from the very basic mode and master it to become a pro using our clicks per second test.

Click in 1 Seconds

Grasping clicking skills is not a straightforward approach that can be mastered overnight. Click test is the platform developed for the users to polish their clicking ability from an early stage.

Take our clicks per seconds test to begin from the beginning to strengthen one's clicking pace. It is more like a calculator that determines the number of mouse clicks a user register in one second.


World Record for Clicks per Second Test

Click Speed Test has a popularity base among the users for its efficient features and quick and precise outcome generation. Ample users take our CPS test every day with a desire to beat the world record.

Dylan Allerd from Los Angeles is the current world record holder known for setting a record of 1052 clicks in 10 seconds. So, take up the test today and persistently practice it to break the world record.

Before mastering the clicking skills, users need to know.

  • To Choose an Appropriate Mouse - Users generally underestimate the impact of choosing the right mouse for clicking. One must prefer to use a gaming mouse over the regular mouse and make sure that it provides a comfortable clicking experience. Make adjustments in the DPI sensitivity and speed as per your level of practice.
  • Practicing Clicking - A stable internet connection and purchasing right mouse are the addons. User can amplify their clicking speed only by consistent practice and dedication. It is the only key to mastering speedy clicking and making new records.
  • Playing the Right Games - Apart from various clicking methods, some shooting games aims to boost users' clicking speed. Playing such apt games as Minecraft ad Minesweeper will enhance your clicking speed to another level.

How Do I Click Faster with One Finger?

Clicking faster with your one finger is nothing but jitter clicking. To Click speedily with one finger, users need to practice jittering their hands. To do so, tense your hand and hover it over the mouse to produce hand vibrations required by users to click faster by just using one finger.


How Many Clicks Per Second Are There on Average?

Users find scoring a high cps score difficult and worry whether their score is up to the mark or not. According to our data, the average cps score is about 6-8 clicks per second. Anyone who attempts to make a cps score of 6-8 clicks in second is considered to be efficient at clicking.