Clicks per Minute Test

Want to become the next click-test world record holder? Take our 60 second click test and burst maximum clicks instantly.

Clicks in 60 Seconds

The clicks per minute test or 60 second click test mode is an apt tool for computing the numbers of clicks registered in 1 minute by the users.

Taking the clicks per minute test isn't as straightforward as it seems. The period is 12 times longer than the 5 second click test, undoubtedly increasing the complexity of clicks per minute.


Procedure to Take the CPS Test

Take the clicks per minute test to strengthen your clicking skills to another level. To do so, follow these easy-to-do steps.

  • Firstly, Open up our Click Speed Test website on your system.
  • Once the webpage pops up, go through the briefing about clicks per minute game.
  • Proceed to the 'start clicking' section to begin your test.
  • As the test begins, the minute counter starts running in the background. Users need to burst maximum clicks within the allotted period.
  • Once the test ends, your corresponding score flashes on your screen, determining your clicking ability.
  • Share these generated results with your friends and challenge them to beat your score.

Are Games Helpful in Increasing Click Speed?

Besides practicing kohi and jitter clicking consistently, users can also boost their click speed by playing games, especially FPS games.

FPS games involve continuous and rapid mouse clicking to make faster moves before the opponents counter them.

Doing so not only lets them aim accurately but also aids in strengthening their clicking speed. By playing FPS games regularly, users can surely boost their clicking pace and master registering maximum mouse clicks in the least time.


The World Record of Mouse-Clicking Speed

When it comes to the clicks per minute test, the world record set is 9.2 cps which is nothing but 552 clicks in 60 seconds. Many users take our click test intending to make a new world record.

To achieve it, all a user needs to do is be persistent and practice various clicking methodologies regularly to amplify their clicking pace.


How Many Clicks Can A Users Register in A Minute?

The number of clicks you burst solely depends on you. The average 60 second click test score is around 7 cps, meaning 420 clicks in 60 seconds, and the highest record is 9.2 cps.

So how determined and consistent you're will determine the number of clicks you can make in a minute.


Why Is The 60 Second Click Test Important?

We live in a tech generation where things keep evolving every day. Everything is transformed digitally, so it is vital to have a good command of clicking skills.

Here, the 60 second click test comes into use. It will let you strengthen your click speed from the basic to the advanced level. Besides this, clicking speed also matters in FPS games.

To hit maximum aims, it is crucial to click speedily within seconds. Doing so boosts the chances of users winning the battle. Hence, the 60 second click test matters a lot in every aspect.