Click Per 30 Seconds Test

Use our online 30 second click test and examine how speedily your fingers can make several mouse clicks in the given span

30 Second Click Test

Our 30 second click test mode is another constructive tool that determines the user's persistent clicking ability. Its instant and precise outcome generation ability is what makes this tool popular among users.

So, choose the 30 seconds click counter mode today and check how speedily you can burst mouse clicks.


How Can I Measure Mouse Clicking Speed?

30 second clicking game is a widely approached click counter tool. To measure your clicking speed using our 30 second click test mode follow these steps.

  • Open any compatible browser on your device and visit our click speed test webpage.
  • Read all the instructions carefully before proceeding with the test.
  • Begin the test by tapping the 'start clicking' section.
  • Register maximum mouse clicks from your side before the timer in the background runs out of time.
  • Once the test ends, your measured cps score pops on the screen, indicating your clicking ability.
  • Share these results with your friends and challenge them to take up the 30-second click test.

Is It the Best Test for Aim Training?

An aim training tool works on improving the aiming performance of users for FPS games. By clicking speedily, players get used to making fast moves and can hit more aims.

The 30-second click test motive is to accelerate users' clicking speed, enabling them to aim efficiently. Hence the click speed test tool is the best test for aim training.


What Is the Best CPS of All Time?

According to the research and studies, the best cps of all time is 14.1 cps. Anyone can beat the score by being determined and consistent. Master clicking faster to make another best cps score of all the time.


Who Is the World Record Holder for The Most Clicks In 30 Seconds?

Every day many users take up the 30-second click test and compete with each other to score the highest. The 30-second click test world record is achieved by Tom Andre Seppola with a score of 830 mouse clicks in 30 seconds.