Jitter Click Test

What Is Jitter Clicking Challenge?

Jitter Clicking is a little hard than the regular clicking, but the result is just twice in speed than the Regular Clicking. It is one of the best-advanced techniques used for the mouse click.

This technique shakes the arm muscles and the wrist to click the mouse button as fast as you can. It brings the vibration in the hand that's give the jitter effect.

The high click per second in Jitter clicking varies between 10 to 14 CPS. If you want to get ensured for better speed than Jitter clicking is a much better option over the regular clicking Tutorial of Jitter click is available for you all to learn and become master at getting the high score in the Jitter click test.


How to Practice Jitter Clicking Test?

Jitter clicking methodology is not as intricate as it seems and is vital if one is into the gaming sector. Anybody from anywhere can jitter click by following the below step.

  • Purchase an adequate mouse. It need not be a costly one but one which is efficient in registering clicks smoothly.
  • Your hand cannot be in a relaxed position while jittering. Make sure to keep your hand as stiff as possible rather than slouching to produce the jitter effect.
  • Also, ensure to take breaks often.
  • Do not wrap your hand all over the mouse. Keep it slightly domed such that your fingers hover over the left click button. Doing is a tedious task and can be attained by consistent practice.
  • Now use your arm muscles and stiff wrist to generate hand vibrations required to click faster than the normal clicking technique.
  • One must be careful while jittering to avoid hurting your arms and muscles. Avoid practicing jitter clicking for more than 15-30 seconds a day.
  • Apart from these, there are numerous online tests available for free on google. Take these tests to master jitter clicking and become pro at speedily bursting plenty of mouse clicks.

Features of The Jitter Click Test

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  • It eliminates the need to download a third-party application for testing the click speed. Users are capable of doing so on the same website.
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When and Why Is Jitter Click Test Important?

Jitter clicking strategy comes into use when it comes to gaming. Here, in FPS games like Minecraft PVP, it is essential to click at a faster speed to become accurate to hit more aims and defeat the opponents before they do so.

For this, mastering the jitter click methodology is crucial. It enables the users to strengthen their clicking speed and burst numerous mouse clicks speedily when compared to the normal clicking technique.


Jitter Clicking VS Normal Clicking in Minecraft

Minecraft is a gaming platform requiring strong command over clicking as fast as possible. Regular clicking is the clicking methodology most of the users practice every day.

Users can generate 5-8 clicks per second by practicing the regular clicking methodology. Whereas, when it comes to jitter clicking, users click speedily at 2x speed using only one finger, usually the index finger.

It lets the users generate a high cps, usually 9-12 cps rate enabling them to aim better and become accurate at Minecraft.

Therefore, it is recommendable to choose jitter clicking over regular clicking in Minecraft.

Does Jitter Clicking Have an Alternative?

Jitter clicking is considered to be the popular clicking strategy, but other than this, there are two alternatives present of jitter clicking. You can also try our kohi click test which in popular in Minecraft PvP.

Why Choose

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly clicking is an alternative method of faster clicking that can replace jitter clicking by producing the same efficient outcome. In this methodology, users register plenty of mouse clicks using their two fingers instead of one. It is preferable over jitter clicking as it does not cause any hand injuries.

Why Choose

Drag Clicking

Drag clicking is another constructive replacement of the jitter clicking methodology. This methodology lets the users generate over 100 clicks simply by dragging the mouse from the top reaching to the end. It brings about registering more mouse clicks due to the friction between the surface and the device.


Does Jitter Click Challenge Build Muscle?

No, jitter clicking does not build muscles. Instead, practicing it continuously for prolonged hours leads to carpal tunnel and arthritis.

Which Mouse Is Best for Jitter Clicking?

Users can register numerous clicks by jitter clicking using any gaming mouse. But the commonly used mouse that produces efficient outcomes and is comfortable while clicking is Razar DeathAdder v2, Logitech G pro, corsair night world, and many more.

How to Click Faster in Minecraft?

Mastering to jitter click will initially hurt your arms, but once you learn it, you will find it convenient. To click faster in Minecraft, you need to claw your hands. To begin practicing to click speedily, take any of your fingers and put it down on the table, vibrating your forearm. Now proceed to jitter click by placing your hand over the mouse producing hand vibrations to click faster in Minecraft.

Who Has Made the Fastest Click World Record?

The jitter click test is all about challenging your friends and attempting to make new records. According to research, Hum is the fastest click record holder with a score of 14 cps which means 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

How Does Double Clicking Work?

Double clicking is nothing but enabling the users to register one mouse click as two. When you tap the mouse once, the bouncing effect of the physical contact of switches results in sending multiple signals to the computer even though you click it once.