Clicks Per 100 Seconds

Want to check your clicking stamina? Try out our 100 second click test to find out how efficiently one can click for 100 seconds long.

Clicks in 100 Seconds

Consistently clicking for 100 seconds is a tedious task that sometimes leads to muscle fatigue. The 100-second click test mode is a beneficial tool to test the consistent clicking ability for 100 seconds long.

It estimates your finger moments for a prolonged span. If users take the this clicking test successfully, then they master the clicking skills and become efficient at registering maximum mouse clicks.


How to Play the Full 100 Seconds?

Clicking for 100 seconds is not as easy as it looks. When not mastered effectively can lead to hand injuries and stress you out. The tip for playing for full 100 seconds, in the beginning, is to divide the click test into multiple time modes.

If the users can click efficiently 20 clicks in 10 seconds, then split the 100 seconds click test into ten 10 second click test and master it.


CPS Test 100 Seconds World Record

Our 100 seconds clicking game has a huge fan base among the users. Daily users compete to make the 30 second click test world record. But the highest record of maximum clicks in 100 seconds is 8200 clicks that is nothing but 8.21 clicks per second.


Why Are 100 Second Click Games Important?

The common reason behind playing a 100 second click game is to kill boredom. Players generally play the game to pass their time.

But besides this, the 100 seconds clicking challenge is crucial for the players for stress and anger relief, to let out their emotions, and compete with other mates to score highest.

Try the 100 seconds click games and enjoy its benefits.


Measure 100 Seconds Click Test Score

There is no such rocket science behind measuring the 100-second click test score. Follow these easy steps and measure your click speed today.

  • Before beginning the test, make sure you have proper internet connectivity.
  • Launch our click speed test webpage on any browser of your system.
  • When the webpage opens, proceed towards the 'start clicking' section to begin the test.
  • As the click test begins, start clicking as fast as you can to burst maximum mouse clicks before the deadline.
  • The cps test ends when the timer runs out of time.
  • Your corresponding cps score is calculated and displayed on your screen.
  • Share these scores with your close friends or retake the test if not satisfied with the result.

Consequences of Click Speed Test Games

Undoubtedly taking the click test challenge boosts your clicking skills and makes you a pro at mouse clicking, but there are a few after consequences of taking the click test.

  • Clicking consistently for 100 seconds leads to muscle fatigue and is very painful.
  • The person gets completely exhausted after clicking for 100 second long.