Right Click CPS Test

What Is The Right Click Speed Test?

The Right Click CPS test is a test tool designed to check your right button clicking speed. Right Click Test is an online tool that measures how fast you can click your mouse.

The test allows you to improve your clicking speed with regular practice that’ll help you greatly if you’re a competitive gamer.


How To Check CPS For The Right Mouse Button?

Would you like to know how many clicks you can make? On our website, we are prepared to help. To measure the number of clicks per second, perform the following steps:

  1. Visit Click Speed Test on your browser.
  2. From menu select ‘Right Click CPS Test’ page.
  3. Click on the ‘Click Here To Start’ button to begin the test.
  4. To obtain a high CPS, click as rapidly as possible using the right mouse button.
  5. Once the five seconds countdown is over, a popup will appear without your result displayed on it

What Is Purpose of Right Click CPS Test?

The right click speed test is designed to provide intermediate right click training that will increase your speed, accuracy, and clicking efficiency so you can complete your work faster, and perform better overall and for students, the click tester helps in studies and projects.

Clicking speed is important for gaming as the one with a higher clicks per second rate is more likely to be considered a good gamer. Practicing daily will bring out the best in you and give the best results.


Why Right Click Speed Matter in FPS Game?

  • To Pick Item
    If you play a battle royal game, you can use the right-click quickly to grab loot faster and equip yourself with the best weapons and tools
  • To Open Door
    Having a high right click CPS also allows you to travel faster in the game by opening and closing doors faster
  • Open Scope
    You can also scope and aim faster with a high right-click CPS
  • Gun Reloading
    Having a fast right click speed also allows you to reload your gun faster and shoot enemies quickly
  • To Switch Weapon in Game
    In certain critical situations, having a fast clicking speed also allows you to switch your weapon faster as per the situation

How Does Right Click Test Work?

The click speed test check how fast and efficiently you can click the right mouse button in a given time. You can customize the time taken to take the test 1 second to custom, any time can be set according to the user’s preference.

Within the given time, you have to click the right button of the mouse as fast as you can. With these factors, the number of clicks, and the time, the CPS is calculated and the result is generated.

Suppose you have clicked the mouse 100 times in 15 seconds, then your result will turn out to be 100/15=6.66 Clicks Per Second.

The score will also lead to the assignment of a rank to the user, which depends on the CPS range they have scored. This way, the CPS tester displays the overall progress and level of the user by right-clicking the mouse.

How To Improve Right Click Speed?

Some ways are using which the clicks per second rate can be improved. Among various ways, there are some mentioned below that are fool proof and easy to apply, while being completely free.

Why Choose

Butterfly Click

The butterfly click is a mouse-clicking technique in which a person applies two fingers to the button of a computer mouse. The first finger clicks the button, and while that finger is rising, the other finger clicks.

Doing this stimulates the flapping of a butterfly's wings, which are distinctive for their speed and efficiency. Using this licking technique may help improve the CPS considerably.

Why Choose

Jitter Click

Clicking with one finger instead of multiple fingers is called jitter clicking. However, you can increase the speed at which you click by also using your arm and wrist movements in conjunction with your fingers.

This technique can boost your right-click CPS score by up to 15 clicks per second. Jitter clicking can boost your clicking speed and provide you with a higher right-click CPS Score.

Why Choose

Drag Click

A drag clicking occurs when you press your finger over the mouse switch, which is normally used to generate mouse clicks, rapidly and forcefully enough to generate friction with the surface on which the mouse resides.

The friction generates vibrations that are picked up by the mouse switch and registered as a click.

Why Choose

Auto Clicker

If you’re looking to make faster clicks than intended, you can consider trying auto clickers that are nothing but macros used to automate mouse clicks. Auto-clickers can be configured to repeat previously recorded input or to generate input from various current settings.

These auto clickers can be used to automate almost all mouse actions. Custom-made auto clickers may have a narrower scope than a generic auto clicker.

Stress Buster Game

Mouse clicking for stress relief. It's not a new idea, but it's getting more attention as people try to find ways to relieve stress.

Some people enjoy clicking mousepads, others enjoy clicking on their computer screens, while still others enjoy clicking on their keyboards. For some, it's a way of relaxing.

It Is a fact that clicking can help relieve stress and anxiety. For example, a study done by a researcher in Japan found that an average person would click at a rate of about 40 clicks per minute. People who clicked more than that did better on tests.


What Is the Fastest CPS In 1 Second?

The world record for the most CPS in one second is 22, according to the clickspeedtest.info website’s latest updates, which is way higher than an intermediate player. A player who can achieve this CPS is said to be the Pro player, that is higher than the advanced players and usually have a high gaming score.

What Is the Average Normal Right Click CPS?

According to the big data on our website, the average CPS is 6.51. And according to Google, the world record for average CPS is 14.1, which is a decent advanced number. However, this score may vary as the CPS completely depends on the user’s clicking level, the type of mouse they are using, and the device they are taking this test on.

How Do You Right Click on A CPS Test?

To right-click on a CPS test, select a right-click test tool, set the test timer or challenge, and start clicking. But a thing to be kept in mind is that do not overdo your clicking capacity and only click until your wrist and arms start to vibrate. Clicking any longer may cause pain and discomfort in the arms of the user. Also, maintain a proper posture while clicking on a click speed test so you do not end up tired.

What Is the World Record for CPS In 5 Seconds?

The world record for the most right clicks in 5 seconds is held by Jordan Hum. Jordan holds the world record for achieving the highest score of 14 CPS in the 5 second click test. This concludes that he has made over 70 clicks in just 5 seconds.