Clicks Per 5 Seconds

Escalate your clicking skills using our 5-second click test tool. Our tool produces quick and precise outcomes for our users.

Clicks in 5 Seconds

It is another effective mode of click speed test that computes the user's persistency to click for five-second long.

Hitting maximum mouse clicks for one second is straightforward but hitting maximum clicks for 5 seconds is not effortless.

The 5-second click test mode is just a practice tool for users to maintain their consistency to click speedily.


How Do I Get A High Score?

Scoring and maintaining a high score is what every user desires. Here are a few handy tips one may follow to score high in the 5-second click speed test.

  • Purchase a gaming mouse today and start using it rather than the regular laptop mouse. The gaming mouse has efficient features and provides a pleasant clicking experience.
  • DPI matters when it comes to fast clicking. To click faster, set a high DPI by adjusting your mouse settings in the settings section.
  • What matters a lot for setting a high score is practicing and the determination to do it. Practice consistently various clicking techniques to master clicking skills.

How Do We Calculate Your Score?

Measuring the cps score of users is no more a complex, tedious task. In the digitally evolving generation, we developed the cps test tool using high-level programming languages.

When users launch our site to take the cps test, the programming backend gets activated and calculates the cps score of users based on their clicking ability.

The formula for calculating clicks per second is

CPS = Total Number of Clicks Registered / Time Taken


Clicks Per 5-Second World Record

With the increasing fame of the click test tool, it becomes difficult to break and make the highest record. Jordan Hum is the world record holder with a score of 70 clicks in 5 seconds, which is nothing but 14 cps.

Pros of Click Speed Test

What our tool aims at is providing benefits to our users. Below are listed a few perks of using click speed test.

  • The most crucial benefit of taking the click speed test game is it amplifies your finger moments.
  • It enables the users to perform combos while gaming, especially in shooter games.
  • The higher your cps rate, the more click packets are sent to the server boosting your opportunities to perform operations.
  • It has a safe-to-use interface, free from malware.
  • Retake option available to practice enhancing your click speed.

Cons of Click Speed Test

Besides the advantages, every tool has its drawbacks.

  • It Provides inaccurate cps results due to unstable internet connectivity.

Effective Clicking Methods to Improve Clicking Speed

The users can conveniently strengthen their clicking skills using these clicking techniques.

  • Butterfly Clicking - A constructive clicking technique where users register maximum mouse clicks speedily by clicking using any two fingers, usually the index and middle finger.
  • Jitter Clicking - In this methodology, users jitter their hands and produce hand vibrations to hit maximum mouse clicks at a 2x speed than regular clicking.
  • Drag Clicking - It is another efficient clicking methodology users may practice registering more clicks in less time. In drag clicking, all user needs to do is drag their finger on the mouse, which generates friction between mouse surface and finger, generating higher clicks.
  • Kohi Click Test - Online Kohi click test was created specifically for Minecraft players who want to improve their clicking speed without lagging or glitches. As a result of this game, they have improved their clicking skills, which might be useful PvP games.